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The goal of this project is to mass-produce a lightweight, low cost, affordable and ultra-efficient Hybrid Electric Vehicle (200mpg+).  Volvo's new Concept Car, the XL1, is 313mpg, weighs 800kg but requires special materials.  The planned vehicle will only be 350kg (E.U. Category L7E) and will be made from off-the-shelf components, so that the vehicle can go straight into mass-production.

To help fund this project using the Rockethub Micro-funding site, please click here:

The main landing page for articles, links and videos is here:

The key to the success of the design is its aerodynamics.  All other technical challenges, such as materials and components, have been solved thanks to the level of research carried out into EV design and production, over the past few decades.  The design takes its inspiration from both modern and classic vehicles, but also deliberately does not try to go "too far". 

The innovation is that there is no extra innovation!

The end result is that the overall design looks like it takes up the same space as an average car, drives like the average car, seats three people, can do 70mph if necessary, yet has aerodynamics that make it possible to do 160mpg or above, at 60mph.

To get to the next phase of development, help crowd-source the funds for the prototype:

Thank you.

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